S. No. Title Source Type Details
1 Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Rainfall Time Series for All-India, Homogeneous Regions and Meteorological Subdivisions: 1871-2016 IITM, Pune Details
2 Evaluation of Extended Range Forecast Skill onSubdivisional Scale over India IITM, Pune Details
3 A Research Report on the 2015 Southwest Monsoon IITM, Pune Details
4 Contrasting Progression Phase of Indian Summer Monsoon During June 2013 and 2014: Observational Diagnostics IITM, Pune Details
5 Extended Range Prediction of Uttarakhand Heavy Rainfall Event by an Ensemble Prediction System based on CFSv2 IITM, Pune Details
6 Development of Extended Range Prediction System Using CFSv2 and Its Verification IITM, Pune Details
7 The Importance of Coupled Sea Surface Temperatures to the Northward Propagation of Summer MonsoonIntraseasonal Oscillation IITM, Pune Details
8 Performance of an Ensemble Prediction System based on CFSV2 for the Extended Range Prediction of Active-Break Spells of Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall during 2011 IITM, Pune Details
9 Scientific Evaluation of Air Quality Standards and Defining Air Quality Index for India IITM, Pune Details
10 Large-Scale Wet Spell and Spatio-Temporal Rainfall Extremes over India during 1951-2007 IITM, Pune Details