Sponsored studies

  • Study of Brahmaputra River Erosion and its Control.
  • Experimental Verification of SCS Runoff Curve Numbers for Selected Soils and Land Uses.
  • Hydrologic Response of a River Basin in Changing Climate.
  • Climate Vulnerability, Hazard and Risk: An Integrated Pilot Study in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Modelling of Gangotri Glacier melt runoff and simulation of stream flow variation under different climatic scenarios.
  • Effect of Changing Global Tropospheric Temperature on Asia-Pacific Monsoon Circulation and Rainfall Fields across India.
  • State Specific Action Plan (SSAP) for Water Sector for 17 States and UTs.
  • Hydrological modelling in Bhagirathi basin up to Tehri dam and assessment of climate change impact.
  • Hydrological modelling in Alaknanda basin and assessment of climate change impact.
  • Water RAIN-Him: Changes in water Resources and Adaptation options in Indian-Himalayan basins.
  • Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Water Resources and Agriculture in Banas basin in Western India using Climate change Indicators(CII’s).
  • Water efficient irrigation by using SCADA system for medium irrigation project (MIP) Shahnehar